GP and Healer

Agnies Calkoen

I trained as a doctor in the Netherlands before travelling and working as a Medical Officer in Rural Zimbabwe for several years, in close cooperation with traditional healers. I settled in the UK, where I have worked as a GP for over 20 years.

My journey has shown me the need for a shift in paradigm in terms of healthcare delivery.  As a Daoist practitioner pointed out to me: 'the conventional medical approach is good at fixing people  and throwing them back on the battlefield, but not good at negotiating peace'. The need for incorporating a much wider view than the physical (and if you are lucky, a bit of emotional), led me to training in Sensory Herb Craft and Energy Healing and work with these modalities along side my conventional job in Plymouth.  

I have never stopped being humbled and awed by the stories people bring to me. In a therapeutic context I work in partnership with a client to address physical,emotional, mental and spiritual issues in the broadest and most individual way possible. My conventional medical training gives me a grounded place to work from. 

I am honoured and excited to be a Bright Sky Partner, and to be connected to so many  practitioners. It is beyond a doubt that we can benefit from each other's knowledge, skills, experience and wisdom. 

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