Founder of Crystal Heart School

Dr. Joy Lovesey

Hi, I'm Joy! I offer 1-2-1 divine energy healing, spiritual and emotional coaching, and Internal Family Systems therapy. I founded Crystal Heart School to serve and empower sensitive and empathic souls on their healing and awakening journey. Crystal Heart offers courses, trainings and resources specifically to overcome the challenges and cultivate the gifts that come with high sensitivity and empathy.

My longterm vision is to offer alternative educational options to sensitive children so that they can thrive with their gifts, and right now the step towards that I make is to guide the inner children of sensitive adults to reclaim their gifts through the offerings of Crystal Heart School.

To me, BrightSky is a safe place where I feel that the unique gifts, wounds, needs, and visions of all its members can all be seen and held with equal acceptance and appreciation. From the beginning I saw the need for this community as a way to empower one another, as we can achieve so much more together than alone. Change is happening in the world, and with projects like BrightSky we have a real chance to influence that change in ways that will nurture and support the thriving of future generations. It is a truly supportive and uplifting community for light-workers, way-showers, and wisdom-holders bringing in the new times, and my heart is warmed to be a part of that. 

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