Musician, Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher

Matthew Pickles

Drums, Dance and Song. The three most powerful healing medicines there are. Bring those three bewties together and that's where I'm happiest. The healing power of music, channelled from the divine with the clear intention of spreading love: that's my thing. I also have the honour of teaching children mindfulness and breathwork. I feel a real responsibility to share these tools with this generation. These guys are amazing and we've got to get them connected to themselves and this planet ASAP. My practice is nature. My journey has lead me to understand that cultivating a genuine reciprocal love for this planet and more specifically my favourite little spot is the most important aspect of self love there is.

BrightSky seems like a long overdue idea. A well thought out and really practical opportunity to make a difference. I love the people who are making it happen and I want to be part of the party.

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