Facilitator & coach

Asha Singh

2020 and its aftermath have been a whirlpool for many of us. Professionally, my business all but collapsed. This was in part because I had the strong intuition right at the start of the pandemic to step back, observe at a deep level what is going on in the world, behind the doors and below the surface of the “noise” we are all experiencing, and in myself. This downtime has been really challenging but also full of rich gifts. One of these has been a strong pull towards establishing abundant community which flourishes in every way, also financially.

I have always had a deep interest in how life works, the interdependence that is reality and how we can rediscover that experience. Now I’d love to bring what I’ve learned and done as facilitator and coach in other environments to explore how we can organise and interact fruitfully in community, particularly at scale, against a backdrop that can often feel like it is insisting on the opposite. I’m also a sculptor and performer, who loves to do individual and collective creative work in beautiful places, through our bodies and senses, and dialogue with one another.

I think BrightSky probably first caught my attention because of the Children’s Fire at its heart. I took part in a couple of Full Moon celebrations and felt nourished in the digital space in ways that surprised and delighted me. No doubt BrightSky has changed during these months and it feels to me like a new voice is now emerging that will be increasingly impactful in the wider community. It feels like it is crucial that people have a safe space to connect creatively, emotionally and spiritually in ways that uplift, nurture and empower them, whatever their views are on the many things that are polarising us. For me, the real potential and power of BrightSky is to bring us together through the heart, embrace diversity in every way, and create something better together than any of us would do apart. That reality is already here, all we are doing is bringing it forth.

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