Movement Medicine Teacher and Ceremonial Leader

Bonnie McAteer

I am a graduated Movement Medicine teacher who has been working with this body of work since 2009 and have trained to an advanced level. I am a Ceremonial leader deeply committed to the sacred landscapes of the wild unbroken spirit of life, and to the transformational healing power of dance to reclaim our power that may have been lost within the wounds of the past and turn that into medicine to reconnect to our wild self and true heart.

I draw on over 17 years experience of using movement work to support and transform my own journey through life; first through Shamanic trance dance and embodied sacred dance in the natural world, Ceremonial Work, Later Five Rhythms, Conscious dance, Silent movement, The work that reconnects, and Pachamama Alliance Facilitator Training.

I am a mother, wife, wild dancer & lover of life.

I was drawn to become a partner of brightsky by the heart and vision of linking together communities and supporting practitioners to share their medicine and offerings to help lift one another up in this work and most importantly to the dream of the children's fire being central to the vision and question of what world are we leaving and creating for the next 7 generations, I love that 50% of the profit from memberships goes back into ethical life enhancing community projects. 

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