Breathwork Teacher, Mindset Coach, Shamanic Healer

Steph Magenta

My life's work is in guiding people back to wholeness, and towards the end goal of living in our most expanded potential. I do this using breathwork, mindset coaching, shamanic healing and somatic mapping.

I believe that inner child work and self awareness are the path to mastery of our emotional and mental wellbeing, and this in turn has a symbiotic relationship with the body: "The body keeps the score" as Bessel Van Der Kolk says, and so all of my practice has a strong emphasis on grounding, integration and embodied wellbeing. 

As a licensed bodywork therapist and fully trained breathwork facilitator with a background in addiction support and services, my path has unfolded over the many years of my practice as I worked through my own trauma related somatic blindspots. Once living the chaotic life of an addict, 30 years later I now offer my work in service to humanity. As an elder in our community (I'm not far off 60!), I see it as my life's path to support others in the transformation of their struggles into their gold. Healthy people create a healthy planet.

I feel strongly that communities of ethical practice can change the world, the reason why I am honoured to be an ambassador for Bright Sky. 

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