Creative Energy Healer

Laura Bacon

Committed to helping people clear creative blocks and stuck energy, Laura Bacon is a Reiki Master Usui practitioner, Sound and Intuitive Energy Healer. She came to Earth on a creative ray and is here to keep accessing this within her own journey in writing, producing, storytelling, song writing - exploring what it means to be here on Earth during these extraordinary times in a heart centred way. 

She has also worked extensively as an actress, writer, producer and director for the last fifteen years in the film and television industry and co-owns the innovative film company Imagine If Films. Seeking to shine light on stories that dare to explore the pathos and comedy of the human condition, Imagine If Films provides a platform for emerging artists and children to begin exploring the medium of film, so they can find a voice within their community. 

Laura is still producing and developing series within the television industry and you can explore more of this exciting new work here -

Laura now runs talks and workshops to help people clear their energy to ignite their creative passions. She is the founder of Eunoia Energy Therapy - her private one to one sessions and online courses help people connect to their authentic purpose here at this time. 

Creativity is a divine birthright she believes and once activated is an unstoppable force. In this shifting, transformational age the energy of creativity helps us to cultivate adaptability, as we build new pathways and new models of being in community together and how we function on our own. Creativity is the life force that is so important for all to access right now! 

She passionately believes Brightsky is at the heart of how we begin to connect in this new way and is overjoyed to be a partner - to support, weave magic and co create together.

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