Ann Skinner

Through my work as a coach and creative, I hope to inspire our courageous, compassionate & creative hearts to lead the way. From personal experience, I know how easy it is to get lost in the busyness of our heads, which is why I have made it my life's mission to connect to the power of my heart, so I can express myself wholeheartedly and work from that space. For this reason, I am known as The Heartworker.

I have a passion for helping people return to their true nature for better work and wellbeing and a more sustainable world. Although I have worked as a coach and facilitator since 2007, I only found my creative powers by accident a few years ago. It revolutionised my work and my life and this is why I now combine my superpowers - coaching and creative self expression - to help people around the world with their personal and professional transformation.

Apart from coaching and facilitation, I also love to express myself as a doodle artist. I am inspired by nature and the nature of things and often share my observations through the medium of visual storytelling and I like to fill my shop with cute and quirky cards and prints to help uplift people.

As a writer and author, I often combine my visuals with my creative writing skills to help share my core messages of love and hope, nature and healing and the spirit of transformation. I am the author of two published books: The Art of Contribution, which was the catalyst for everything that I am today, and Annie and Eva Love Devon, which was born out of my love for my dog Eva and my gratitude for Devon, the place where I came home to myself.

I joined BrightSky because I saw an opportunity for deep connection and a mirror for shared values. I really believe that, in order to make an impact, we must come together as one and support each other in our unique endeavours, so we can amplify our voices and our efforts.

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