Trauma Expert and Psychotherapist

Charmain Berry

Charmain Berry is a qualified psychotherapist with over 20 years experience and training in counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, EMDR, Internal Family Systems, CRM, quantum healing and radical forgiveness teachings. Her broad and discerning knowledge of therapeutic modalities has enabled her to develop a special blend of intuitive, trauma informed therapy that honours each individual healing journey. She includes within this the intention to teach and encourage the people she works with to develop their own self-healing abilities and to become self-healers. Charmain runs her private practice from Charnock Farm in the heart of Manchester offering one to one sessions, group workshops and co-created retreat programmes.  

"I am vey excited about this venture as Brightsky to me symbolizes the evolution in health and humanity we are experiencing as we become increasingly free from trauma victim consciousness. I have spent my adult life learning how we can support this process and have trained extensively in the most useful and powerful trauma healing modalities within the field of psychology in order to help guide people through the process of trauma release, remembrance and return to the origins of who we really are. As my mission is to help others, I am deeply honoured and excited to be invited to this space and to share what I know."

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