What is Brightsky?

BrightSky is a collective offering a community and platform for heart-centred practitioners, ethical entrepreneurs and community builders. We aim to support a global shift of consciousness to ensure future generations thrive within healthy planetary ecosystems. We are creating an environment where meaningful connections are nurtured through shared purpose.

Our core values include love, trust, respect, openness, generosity, care, and sustainability. 

We hold The Children's Fire at the heart of our values which considers the impact of any decision on the next seven generations to come. 

BrightSky is a bridge between community and ethical business, between alternative health and modern medicine and ultimately between dreams and reality.

We have pledged to dedicate 50% of all profit to be reinvested in local community projects. We initiate our own projects and support already existing projects aligned with our ethos, including tree planting and re-wilding.

The time for the lone wolf is over. Gather yourself! Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

Hopi Elders, Arizona

Our Story

BrightSky grew from a desire to help health and wellbeing practitioners who are struggling to sustain businesses whilst staying true to their callings. We noticed isolation and duplicated efforts and we started to imagine how an online platform could help.

Our vision grew alongside the rapidly expanding team of Founding Partners and Investors in 2019, who shared the conviction that it is empowered and re-connected communities who can best bring the shifts that are needed. BrightSky in 2022 includes a community of practitioners, change makers and artists and locally-rooted projects.

At BrightSky we feel we are co-creating with Spirit and co-creating with the wider community. Your voice, your heart, your ideas and your reflections are always welcome!

Before I had even heard of BrightSky, I was looking for what I had called a "Network of Awesome."

Be Here Well - Jess Holiday


Whilst our vision is global, our missions are local:

  • Connect across our custom-built online platform.
  • Engage, inspire and educate through our community program.
  • Nourish and physically connect in the BrightSky Hubs.
  • Create a Global Mycelium Networkof BrightSky Hubs
  • Environmental regeneration in alliance with our partners.
  • Collaborate on a local level through our Community Projects.
  • Reforest with our Treegeneration program.

My passion is to inspire myself and others to connect authentically. To hear and truly see each other: in our joy and in our struggles. And most of all to find the courage to be who we are and hear our own needs.

Mandy Preece, BrightSky Founder


The BrightSky Team grew from a base in South Devon, with strong networks in Bristol, London, Manchester, Stroud and Frome. We are growing from heart to heart like a garden, organically and from the ground up, honouring the principles of Permaculture.

We connected our community online through the last difficult years and are now reaching out into the world to meet and share through hubs across the country.

Get involved

We are a Community that offers many opportunities for its Members to get involved. Collectively we will shape the evolution and further development of BrightSky Community.

We have many volunteers tending to the fire of the Brightsky Vision, if you feel drawn to get involved and can offer some time, let us know and we can explore how you can get practically involved. We currently need support for:

·       Community Building & local hub meetings

·       Content to share with our members

·       Facilitators and speakers

·       Administration roles

Working in Partnership

At BrightSky we are creating a mycelium network of support with organisations and individuals coming together, in person, using the resources BrightSky makes available. We aim to have BrightSky Hubs supporting local initiatives all over the country. We work in partnership with these local networks, supporting their growth and helping them to flourish. If you are working on a particular project that could use our support, please get in touch. If you have a project and would love to explore a Working in Partnership with us let us know. We would love to hear from you!

Our latest Project

Brightsky Connect Devon

Brightsky are excited to be working on a funded project with individuals from the Brightsky Community. This Employability project has been a perfect way to pilot a way of working that involves our expert facilitators and training techniques that empowers people into their passion, purpose and work. With people facing issues surrounding rural isolation, lone parenting, mental health and economic deprivation unemployment in Teignbridge areas: Buckfastleigh, Moorland, Bovey and Haytor, has risen by 100% since Feb 2020. We applied for funding to run 'The Reconnect Programme', a Mentoring and Wellbeing programme to reconnect people into work linking wellbeing practice with employability.

The ‘Innovation for Youth and Community’ Employability Grants Devon scheme is led by  Petroc, working with Brightsky as a Grant Recipient. It is funded by the UK  Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund, which is managed within Devon  by Devon County Council.  



As a practitioner, healer, or artist, you may find working on your business difficult, especially if you are on your own. You will find a place of mutual mentorship, practical help from experienced members and expertise in the skills needed to help you make a success of your calling. BrightSky will also connect you with those who understand and appreciate your passion and are looking for your services.

  • The Directory is where you have a Profile and are able to list your services and special offerings to members. It is also a window for the wider world.
  • Our private Facebook hub is for connection between our members, to share, inspire and talk about what is alive for you right now. You can reach out for help and support to others.
  • Local hubs and events is where the magic happens, enabling our members to connect face to face, form new collaborations and meet new people. A wonderful energy.
  • Our online events will engage, inspire, educate, and connect members, offering emotional, spiritual, and practical support to you and your business.
  • There is a calendar of events hosted both by Brightsky and its members where you can promote your work and access offers by other members.