What is BrightSky?

BrightSky membership supports holistic health and wellbeing practitioners, community builders, earth protectors and ethical entrepreneurs to build meaningful and thriving livelihoods within a supportive community.

We see the BrightSky platform becoming the trusted place for the public to find the practitioner, class, workshop or event they are looking for.

Our mission includes supporting each other's dreams and visions through partnership and co-creation. 50% of all profit from membership subscriptions will be reinvested in community startups and projects aligned with our ethos.

In every area BrightSky takes root we aim to support and generate tree planting and re-wilding projects that nourish the Earth and regenerate healthy ecosystems.


Professional Members can promote all sessions, workshops, events, classes, retreats and professional trainings in one place. We are working on innovative search engines that will guide the clients most ready to benefit from your work to your profile. We are developing community guidelines to help keep all our members safe.


Cooperation, collaboration and co-creation: when passionate people come together we bubble with life-force and creativity. Together we generate ideas, ignite projects, share challenges and learning and nurture one another’s expansion. BrightSky exists to help everyone make great connections for health, work and life, online and off.


What have you been missing? Find all the advice, support and mentoring you need through BrightSky online networks, eCourses, local Hubs and events. From ethical professionals offering you services at beneficial rates to our directory of bookable session and workshop spaces, BrightSky will help you build a flourishing business.

Our Vision

Meaningful connections through shared purpose

The BrightSky vision is of a thriving community of rooted, resourced and purposeful professionals sharing their gifts with the world. We boldly set out to become a Global Community Platform, a gathering place for tribes, communities, individuals and organisations. 

We believe that health and being well are everyone’s birthright and we see this community facilitating healing and reconnection at a personal, community and planetary level.

We are the bridge between people with need and those who can support them, between business and community, between alternative health and modern medicine, and between dreams and reality.

We have a professional approach to business grounded in heart-centred values. By rooting our ethos in community and collaboration, we recognise that there is enough for all and help to build a regenerative culture and an economy of interdependence.

Our Story

BrightSky grew from a desire to help. In particular we saw how many health practitioners were struggling to sustain businesses whilst staying true to their callings. We noticed isolation and duplicated efforts and we started to imagine how an online platform could help.

Our vision grew alongside the rapidly expanding team of Founding Partners and Investors in 2019. These times call for a deeper sense of purpose in service to each other and all of Life, and we share the conviction that it is empowered and re-connected people, organisations and communities who can best bring the shifts that are needed. BrightSky in 2020 includes a wide field of locally-rooted projects, Hubs and networks.

The BrightSky Team grew from a base in South Devon, with strong networks in Bristol, Manchester, Stroud, Frome and London. We are growing from heart to heart like a garden, organically and from the ground up, honouring the principles of Permaculture. Together we look forward to the next stage!

When spirit, vision, expertise and pragmatism come together, the Children's Fire can flourish. This, for me, is BrightSky.

Mac Macartney, Speaker and changemaker


BrightSky is for everyone. We exist to make well-being accessible to all.

We work from the heart. We foster a culture of care, joy and openness in everything we do. Most of all we aim to build trust.

We tend the 'Children's Fire' - ensuring our children will know a thriving world through every decision and action we take. All our members are invited to become Earth Protectors.

We honour wisdom traditions alongside contemporary schools. We aim to foster equitable engagement with indigenous traditions from a foundation of awareness, respect and consent.

We recognize that inequitable social power dynamics can present barriers to people accessing support. We are committed to helping dismantle these barriers where we find them.

I trust BrightSky to create and maintain a thriving community of practitioners who serve from the heart and together can act in service of a collaborative co-habitation of our planet.

Lilith Flanagan, Intuitive Coach and Trainer

Our Social Enterprise

BrightSky Community is our community interest company, set up to invest 50% of annual profit into member projects via our Community Projects Fund.

BrightSky Social Projects are community-generated enterprises aligned with our values. They will help our members dream big and generate more of the good stuff we all long for.

We will empower projects with the resources, expertise and practical and emotional support they need to take off and become self-sustaining, nourished by the richness of skills and experience within our community.

Founding Members will be able to apply for support for their project, and have a say in the kinds of Community Projects they would like to see funded.


Who We Are

BrightSky is co-owned by 108 share-holding practitioners and change-makers: our Founding Partners and Ambassadors. All have brought their passion, resources and expertise to birthing and launching the project.

777 of you will become our Founding Members: a solid foundation from which we will launch to the public in Spring 2020.

Our Ambassadors are established practitioners in their fields and we are so honoured to have them holding space for the heart of this community.