A lover of sacred sound

Lousila Anna

Lousila is a sound healing, mantra loving, rhythm seeking, festival going, sacred dreamer…who is happiest when hermitting at home in her own flow creating music and keeping up with the astrological weather.

Her best creation yet is her amazing daughter, who represents the future generation of BrightSky.

Becoming a mother helped her to make friends with ‘responsibility’ and lit a fire under her root chakra to ‘be the change’ and to dream into being the world her daughter will one day inherit.

She is also a recovering perfectionist and an aspiring live looping legend.

Music has always been her way of processing deep complex emotions, and offering upliftment and healing to others. She dreams of becoming technically skilled enough to translate the music she hears in her inner ear into tangible sacred electronic reality. She is ecstatically happy to be a part of this blossoming community of beautiful new paradigm dreamers.

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