International Speaker, Author and Change-maker. Founder of Embercombe.

Mac Macartney

I have walked a long, inspirational, deeply challenging, sorrowful and joyful pathway this last seventy years. During this time I have become a little more whole, discovered what it means to love, and attempted to use my gifts and experience in service to our Earth, her people, and all beings. I speak, write, consult, and advocate on behalf of all those whose future rests upon our uncertain capacity for wresting wisdom from cleverness, ignorance, and selfishness.

I owe a debt of gratitude to the indigenous elders who mentored me over several decades and their profound encouragement as I have sought to build a bridge between this world and the memory of an older time when we experienced everything in our world as animate and worthy of respect.

I feel kinship with BrightSky. From first meeting I feel a quality of integrity that I can trust. This means a lot to me. When spirit, vision, expertise, and pragmatism come together, the Children’s Fire can flourish. This, for me, is BrightSky.

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