Musicians, shamanic space holders and workshop leaders

Rob and Anna

We create a safe platform for people to express their unexpressed sorrows and reconnect to their deepest joy. Our passions are music, energy healing, shamanic soundscaping, dance and DJ-ing.

Many people desire to belong to a community or tribe that holds an ethos they can resonate with. A community that's not based on hierarchical structure which can lead to misuse of power. A place where we can co-create and collaborate our collective visions for humanity.

The creation of BrightSky will enable us to stay connected online and in the physical, creating an integral and trusted network, not just for facilitators and practitioners, but for anyone seeking support, connection and healing. BrightSky holds an ethos of ethical practice and professional code of conduct and is a totally safe space to network with others, to find exactly what you are looking for through recommendations and forums created by the collective.

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