Business consultant, professional and life coach

Anahita Mahmoudi

Having found more hope for a better world through compassion and kindness rather than through round tables and suits, Anahita has a vision for equality, justice and a drive for social change.

Born and raised in Iran, Anahita called England home in 2009. She came to London in her early 20s and embraced her diverse spirit. By her early 30s she was recognised as one of the top 100 women in the technology sector by wearetechwomen, a public speaker, a coach, a peace activist and a yoga instructor with a passion for dancing.

Anahita is an experienced business consultant, professional and life coach, where she dedicates her time to helping individuals and organisations to become educated, ethical, and aware of their full potential to embrace change in the workplace and life. Her focus now lies in leadership and transformation coaching. Her ethos considers connecting to the sacred values of life as they lead us in the transition from the present time to a new future world.

“I was in search of a community that operates based on values of care and compassion, nurtures creativity and agility and encourages leadership and sharing new stories when BrightSky drew my attention. BrightSky community presents a space where, through a meaningful collaboration, new stories of healing and changes can be created.”

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