The Community Programme

Joanne Burrows

What brings me happiness is co-creating beautiful transformative experiences; and being part of the magic that unfolds when people come together to create! 

A friend and fellow BrightSky partner, Damien Mahoney, introduced me to Bart. We’re part of a collective, Music As Medicine; curating and promoting musical events mainly in Manchester. Music is Medicine! 

I was also a co-creator of The Wonder Inn, a ground-breaking and much loved creative wellness hub in the heart of Manchester. We had a 3 floor grade 2 listed building; a cafe, a bar, artists studios and event spaces; together as a team of women who’d never done anything like it, we did the impossible and created something from nothing that changed a lot of people’s lifes. I also learnt what burn-out is and it took me a awhile to recover when we closed. I wouldn't change anything though.

I’m also involved in a radical arts and cultural venue; Niamos. Formed by a grass roots group of artistic Mancunians from many walks of life, we are dedicated to reclaiming and re-igniting our magnificent building as a place for learning, celebration and belonging.

And before all this, I worked as an account manager for design and advertising agencies, as a marketing manager in the corporate world. I always felt i didn’t belong and knew there was something else out there (and in me!) for me. I quit my job with no idea what would come next and thats when The Wonder Inn came into my life. 

I love connecting people together; to help others share their gifts; in essence I love to be in service. It can simply be arranging flowers and serving soup. 

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