Mother, singer, actor, storyteller

Samantha Seagar

I am excited and honoured to be one of the BrightSky Founding Partners. My healing journey of recovery from substance addiction and narcissistic abuse has brought me into close connection with many of the excellent healers and practitioners in this community, and I value and acknowledge the necessity of alternative and holistic approaches to health and wellbeing. My long term goals are to provide support and empowered healing to those who find themselves in toxic relationships with others and with substances. My passion is educating about the phenomena of narcissistic abuse, especially in the context of spiritual and healing communities. 

BrightSky is offering a much needed platform to share so much valuable work with a wider audience and provide the support for practitioners to help them grow and flourish and I whole-heartedly support that. I am looking forward to seeing how BrightSky will evolve, and feel incredibly honoured to be here at the beginning of that journey. 

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