Angela Fumpson

How did I come to BrightSky

My path has crossed with BrightSky for a reason, those little miracles or synchronicities that we all know and love. For on my journey to save Tigers I met Simon & George, connecting in a beautiful way through heart. After travelling to India George asked me back to help with BrightSky and introduced me to Bart. Again an emotional connection, a shared vision which is what BrightSky is all about - our common purpose binds us together to make a difference.

What do I love about working in BrightSky

On top of believing in what Brightsky is building and setting out to achieve with the community I am so happy to be working with like minded individuals. I love the culture and the ability to cocreate at the start of this incredible journey. The team that is forming is amazing and the leadership styles and structure I know is the way forward and will be thought leading to other organisations. I want to bring the Corporate and spiritual worlds together.

What makes my heart sing? What am I passionate about?

My passion is to enable everyone to do what they love and love what they do. To find their true path and follow it, to be a support and thought partner on their journey. Since very small I have been fascinated by Tigers and there is a burning quest to ensure that they do not disappear from this earth, I have started this by running motivational speaking events to raise money (Tiger Talks) and wrote my book a Business Journey for Tigers to sell for them. 

But wait, there is something bigger that I am stepping into; just as I support others to step into their power so I take steps into my own true journey. To step out of fear and allow the way to be shown -it is one of world peace. My work to change internal conflict within people will impact on reducing conflict with others, and so it will grow into bigger and bigger impact.

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