Shamanic healer, Spiritual Educator and Mentor, Feng Shui Expert

Davina Mackail

I am a Hay House author, spiritual educator and mentor, shamanic seer and healer, dream analyst and Feng Shui and space-clearing expert of 30 years. When not busy with clients I am also an experienced writer, presenter and motivational speaker and regularly appear on TV.

My passion is to encourage and inspire the magnificence of humanity. I am dedicated to bringing out the best in people. My diverse business and medical background, together with my in-depth exploration of the world’s esoteric belief systems provides me with an unorthodox skill set designed to get results. I am also a firm believer in the transformational power of humour. I have been blessed to have worked with some gifted masters and have discovered a gift for translating inaccessible esoteric information into pragmatic solutions that work in the modern world.

I have chosen to become an ambassador for Bright Sky because I believe human survival depends on building collaborative communities that are brave enough to face the truth of our current reality and work together to find new solutions. That together we are stronger than our individual selves. My own work towards this vision will take me to the Peruvian Amazon next year to build a temple and eco-community there.

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