Tim Martin

I was introduced to BrightSky by Angela who had been telling me about it for a while before she suggested I talk to Bart. An hour phone call with Bart and a two hour zoom with him and Angela I felt the BrightSky was the best thing I had heard about for years. This was at the start of Lockdown and I came on board to help out a bit and am thankful to be at the heart of BrightSky 6 months later. 

Working in BrightSky is like nowhere else. Every meeting can become a place of mentorship and sharing. Every opportunity to share BrightSky with others is a reason for celebration. I’m happy to contribute in whatever way the community feels is valuable but at present, I am working within the marketing sphere and helping to develop new places where BrightSky can contribute building connections in the environmental world. I’m hoping to bring an offering to support our musician members to the community in the next few months.

My big passion in life is music, I have been involved in this in one way or another all my life and am privileged to be able to make my business in that world now. So, I am now living my passion. I love spending time in nature, particularly the Scottish Hills which have become a second home, or by the sea.

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