Co-Director, BrightSky Collective

Bart deGreeve

I was born in Holland and have been living in the UK since 2012. I am the proud father of Daniel, who is one of the BrightSky Partners as well!

I have a background in business as well as therapy, personal growth and community. BrightSky bridges both worlds, at a time when this is more needed than ever.

I feel so excited to be part of BrightSky and I feel so blessed with all that it is bringing into my life. The phrase “Meaningful Connection through Shared Purpose” resonates so much for me, and through that my work has become my medicine.

What excites me the most is the impact we can make when we come together and gather behind a collective purpose. Through building bridges and sharing resources we can manifest our individual and collective dreams! 

With Love and Gratitude, Bart

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