BrightSky: a global vision with a local focus

A community that stands the test of time is one that can adapt, forward think and live symbiotically with its environment.

At BrightSky we are building one such community. A place where heart-centred people can come together both online and in hubs around the country to share their skills, experiences and hopes for a better world.

The BrightSky community is built on the principles of trust, wisdom, leadership, rootedness and health. We aim to live in a harmonious relationship with the earth, with ourselves and with each other, where the principles of ecological guardianship, cooperation, good governance and sharing are the bedrock on which everything we do is built.

The Children's Fire

At the centre of the BrightSky community sits the Children’s Fire, with heat and light shining out from its heart. It symbolises the importance of making decisions based on whether it will benefit the next seven generations to come. Communities have long gathered around the fire to share stories, hold meetings and celebrate.

The BrightSky community embodies the spark that lights the flames of truth and wisdom and is growing every day with the help of talented and conscious individuals who want to create and inspire positive change.

Social Platform

Our online platform includes our own integrated Social Platform.

On here you can join and or initiate your Interest Circles and connect with other members on topics that you are passionate about.

Create meaningful connections with other members through engaging with what is alive in your heart.

Everybody I know has so much to give, and most of them feel they cannot because there is no money in it. Yet that is not because their gifts are unwanted. There is much beautiful work to be done. 

Charles Eisenstein, Sacred Economics

BrightSky Hubs

BrightSky Hubs are facilitated places where people can meet in person and explore how they can mutually support each other, collaborate, co-create, get inspired, receive nourishment and celebrate. Our BrightSky Hubs will create inspiring opportunities for members to connect, nourish and grow both personally and professionally

Before Lockdown, we had 7 active BrightSky Hubs in Bristol, Manchester, London, Frome, Stroud, Totnes and South Wales and our Vision is manifest a BrightSky Hub in each of the UK’s 421 Councils. Through that, we will create a mycelium network of local hubs that bring BrightSky’s recourses into local communities.

At each BrightSky Hub meeting, a candle is lit to represent the Children’s Fire, bringing its warmth and light to the local area. By sharing resources our hub gatherings will help to create healing and regeneration, acting as a bridge between the worlds of the professional, the practical and the spiritual.

Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect. 

Chief Seattle, 1854


We have many talented and creative members that are organising and facilitating events all over the country. Besides the offerings from our Professional Members, BrightSky organises and facilitates its own online and in-person events.

From festivals, music concerts and local tree planting events to a wide range of training and workshops, there is a wealth of resources that can support you both personally and professionally.

Check out our events page to see what is happening.

Human survival depends on building collaborative communities that are brave enough to face the truth of our current reality and work together to find new solutions. Together we are stronger than our individual selves.

Davina Mackail - BrightSky Partner

Community Projects

We are passionate about collaboration, co-creation and exploring ways of mutual support and one of the questions most asked in BrightSky is: “How can we help?”

In BrightSky we apply Permaculture Principals in Finance and Business in a way where Business and Finance are in service of our Community. A minimum of 50% of BrightSky’s profit will be re-invested in Community Projects that are aligned with our Vision and Mission.

We initiate our own projects and support and collaborate with already existing community projects. Through our ever-expanding mycelium network of BrightSky Hubs, we bring our resources directly to the local communities and enable people to engage in projects that are bigger than themselves.