Community Projects

Working together with heart-centered organisations will encourage and nurture cultural and environmental regeneration and help to bring about a brighter future for the Earth and the next generations.

Tree Planting

BrightSky is committed to creating a sustainable future for all and we are passionate about local projects that put that principle in action. In the UK one of the most valuable tasks that need to be undertaken is tree planting. Trees are our lifeblood and their systematic removal from the countryside is devastating for populations of humans and animals alike. Last Winter Solstice BrightSky teamed up with The Fellowship of the Trees to hold four tree-planting events in partnership with BrightSky Community‘s TreeGeneration Project and many of our community members joined us. We are planning the same event for 2020, so if you would like to be involved, please get in touch.

Trees are our lifeblood, our shelter and our lungs… soaking up carbon, providing oxygen, building the soil, providing homes and shelter, stabilizing the landscape and recycling water.

BrightSky Community

Working in partnership

At BrightSky we are creating a mycelium network of support with organisations and individuals coming together, in person, using the resources BrightSky makes available. We aim to have representatives on the ground in the 421 councils across Britain, with BrightSky Hubs supporting local initiatives all over the country. We will work in partnership with these local networks, supporting their growth and helping them to flourish.

If you have a project and would like to explore Working in Partnership with us, let us know. We would love to hear from you!

It’s a bit like how mushrooms grow, under the ground popping up all over the place, a mycelium network. At Brightsky we are travelling from heart to heart.

BrightSky Community

Get Involved

We are a Community that offers many opportunities for its Members to get involved. Collectively we will shape the evolution and further development of BrightSky Community.

If you like to get involved and are passionate about one or more of the following topics let us know and we can explore how you can get practically involved.

  • Community Building
  • Content development
  • Marketing
  • Facilitating BrightSky Hub meetings
  • Events creation and facilitation
  • Fundraising/ Bid Development

To get involved email us: [email protected]