Local Hubs

The BrightSky Hubs

BrightSky hubs are being formed around the country. These are facilitated spaces where our community members can gather together to share skills, talk and initiate projects that benefit their local areas. Our BrightSky Hubs will create inspiring opportunities for members to connect, nourish and grow both personally and professionally.

We are lighting the Children’s Fire in local communities to create connection, bringing its warmth and light to the local area. By sharing resources our hub gatherings will help to create healing and regeneration, acting as a bridge between the worlds of the professional, the practical and the spiritual. In this way, we are building a healthy village.

Profits from BrightSky will go into local community projects that make a difference, and it’s in these hubs where those decisions can be made and dreams can become a reality.

It supports and celebrates new ways, new offerings, bright lights and innovations for this path of awakening. It is celebrating the best in each of us and sharing ways in which we can all expand our work to reach the people we are meant to reach. It is non-competitive and rooted in the heart.

Tarisha Seligman - BrightSky Ambassador


We are currently running a national hub meeting online every month, you can view this on our events page here.

We have seven in-person BrightSky Hubs - Bristol, Manchester, London, Stroud, Frome, Totnes, Glastonbury. Our intention is to support Hubs to launch all over the UK where our members can come together.


These in-person hubs will be reactivated as government regulations allow. We are currently moving from national to local online events, watch this space for when and how to join in as they launch and re-open.