Support, empowerment, connection

We want all our Members to thrive.

We're developing leading edge resources for BrightSky practitioners and facilitators - our Professional Members:

  • Promote all your services and events in one place on our trusted public directory and events calendar
  • Explore and book session rooms or workshop spaces, as recommended by other members, via the community directory
  • Access a Business Directory of professionals who share our ethos and vision
  • Connect, collaborate, discuss, and find up-to-date advice and support via our online Professional Member networks
  • Benefit from our eLearning platform which will include eCourses and online seminars.

Public Members can access special offers.

We are developing a directory of business support professionals. Your expertise might be in web design, events, accountancy, mentoring or other areas of benefit to BrightSky practitioners. Get in touch to discuss how we can partner up: [email protected]


Professional Members can promote all sessions, workshops, events, classes, retreats and professional trainings in one place. We are working on innovative search engines that will guide the clients most ready to benefit from your work to your profile. We are developing community guidelines to help keep all members safe.


Cooperation, collaboration and co-creation: when passionate people come together we bubble with life-force and creativity. Together we generate ideas, share challenges and learning and nurture one another’s expansion. BrightSky exists to help everyone make great connections for health, work and life, online and off.


What have you been missing? Find all the advice, support and mentoring you need via BrightSky peer networks, eCourses, local Hubs and events. From ethical professionals offering you services at beneficial rates, to our directory of bookable session and workshop spaces, BrightSky will help you build a flourishing business.

Everybody I know has so much to give, and most of them feel they cannot because there is no money in it. Yet that is not because their gifts are unwanted. There is much beautiful work to be done.

Charles Eisenstein, Sacred Economics


Together we're stronger

The BrightSky vision is expansive but always rooted in community.

Alongside our online platform and Professional Member network we are co-creating BrightSky Local Hubs.

Hubs are real-world groups and spaces emerging through grassroots activity within our networks of Founding Partners and Founding Members.

So far we have Hubs in Bristol, Manchester, South Wales, Frome, Stroud, London and Totnes.

Hub activity includes:

  • Building mutually supportive local networks of practitioners
  • Co-creating community Meet-ups and events
  • Collaborating with local projects.

Human survival depends on building collaborative communities that are brave enough to face the truth of our current reality and work together to find new solutions.

Davina Mackail, BrightSky Ambassador


Learn from the best

BrightSky provides tools and signposts for all members undertaking healing and professional journeys.

Our Training Directory of leading-edge professional courses and trainings in the UK will be available to both Professional and Public Members.

Our networks contain some of the most respected and experienced practitioners in their fields. Together with them we have produced high quality eCourses to share with BrightSky members. Professional Members will be able to access the full library of BrightSky eLearning resources including eCourses and webinars.

The momentum and inspiration behind BrightSky Productions is coming from the community itself. We are asking the questions: ‘What do you need?’ and ‘What would benefit your livelihood?’ This allows us to put practitioners and members in the driving seat of e-Course creation.

Nick Malin, BrightSky Productions