Community Facilitator and BrightSky eProductions

Nick Malin

My excitement for life lies in being in community, co-creating and collaboration. Be it in music or sitting in circle as a tribe.

I share music and sound that reconnect us to our hearts and one another with the 'Music as Medicine' collective and 'The Order of Love' trio. I have been practicing yoga and meditation techniques for over a decade and this awareness of the body guides everything I do. 

As a community facilitator I host monthly BrightSky meet ups in Bristol alongside my partner. We bring people together for simple connection and sharing, with the aim of creating a dialogue with the community, opening conversation and asking the right questions.

For me BrightSky represents a clear vision and paradigm for the future. The time of the lone wolf is over. I for one am very glad of this as I recognise the need for support and encouragement to share my gifts to the world. This is already guiding my other, more primary, role in BrightSky as part of a team to produce video and film content as part of the ever-growing BrightSky e-productions and educational platform.

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