Sexuality and Empowerment Coach

Catherine Hale

I work with women and where desired their partners too; weaving together a diverse range of traditions and practices. I work with you to guide you into embodied female empowerment through somatic education in the territories of sexuality, trauma, and pelvic health care - to restore a body ~ mind ~ spirit connection within.

I’m an explorer, forever curious about the world of body, mind and spirit. Everything I offer is a reflection of my own personal and professional journey of recovering from sexual trauma and learning to navigate pelvic health challenges.

I have been involved with BrightSky since its conception and have watched it unfold into an incredible project that moves beyond the old worn-out paradigm of how we do business - by placing value on developing community, offering a framework for support through the Social Start-up initiative, and by practising respect for our relationship to the earth.

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