Systemic Family Therapist & Kinesiology Practitioner

Nursel Arslan

I work with with systemic family therapy and kinesiology. I grew up in a mix of cultures with my roots grounded in Central Asia. A heritage of healers running through my ancestry gifted me an intuitive pull towards healing and curability, and I bring a number of healing modalities and therapies into my practice.

 My mission is to share the techniques I have learnt over time to assist, and hold space for others. I work with groups and individuals, supporting them to explore their issues at a soul level. Thanks to my previous career as a geeky nerd in advertising, I bridge tech and therapy which enables me to support causes and entities using tech to bring love & healing into the world.

I am passionate about the aims of the community. It is clear that the idea is rising into the collective consciousness and manifesting in forms such as BrightSky. I believe that we are the change we want to see in the world. I feel excited about being part of a unified collective to hold space, heal, and create a shift. 

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