Full Spectrum Living Coach and Authentic Marketing Leader

Landa Love

Landa has over 20 years experience of guiding others to reach their full potential. After reaching the ‘top of the ladder’ she had a breakdown in her late twenties. She went on to try personal development and healing modalities and through trial and error, managed to create her full spectrum life. She now brings the best of all of these methods to simplify and accelerate others’ journeys. She is a certified life coach (IICT), meditation teacher (IYN), body-mind therapist (ATTH), advanced yoga teacher (YRT 500, Yoga Elder) and business coach (FCIM). She is also a registered facilitator trainer with the IYN and the IICT.  

Landa’s Authentic Marketing eCourse for BrightSky delves into how marketing can feel good - a way of doing business that feels in integrity with who you are and what you offer. "The BrightSky eLearning Platform has the potential to be a fantastic resource for accessing training with the best in the field. It will resource members with skills that they need and encourage them to dip into enriching learning that will support them both in the personal and professional lives." 

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