Folk Herbalist

Tim Spankie

My work focuses on supporting people to connect with the Earth through meeting local plants. At Green Path Plant Connection I run courses and workshops on identifying and using medicinal and edible plants. The path of folk herbalism involves getting to know the plants growing around us, developing a relationship with them, and learning their effects through direct experience. As we go deeper, the plants can become our friends and teachers, and guide us on our soul's path.

What excites me about being a part of BrightSky is the way it's bringing together so many different talents and skills, with everyone coming from the same place of an open heart. More than this though, it's part of the new story we need to be creating: our work, and the BrightSky community, is coming from a place of sharing and abundance. And a new story about our place in the world: that we can be true guardians of our lands, not only protecting but regenerating and improving our natural environments. 

I can't wait to see where the journey of Bright Sky leads us!

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