Leadership Consultant, Therapist and Healer

Runa Begum

I come from a diverse background straddling multiple worlds; including gender empowerment, social justice, education, poverty reduction in governmental and non-governmental sectors; but currently I spend most of my time developing leadership in the NHS. Parallel to this I run my own heart-centred business as a therapist and healer, bridging ancient psycho-spiritual practices with western therapeutic processes to support people overcome limiting patterns and beliefs.

It’s a great pleasure to be part of this wonderful creation of so many wondrous hearts and minds. It feels like the time is right to build the mass of energy that will unite us to support one another — bringing community back into the new world and exploring ways that transcend old paradigms. I am excited about the prospect of us uniting our gifts and talents and the potential this has on catalysing new creative possibilities for change in the world.

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