Modern Mystic, Medicine Woman, Hakomi Somatic Therapist

Prajna Ginty, MA

I have trained for close to 40 years in spiritual traditions, mysticism, psychology, and alternative therapies. I've practiced in prisons, homeless shelters, ashrams and universities; yet it was my life as a single mom raising three daughters, two with extensive medical complications, that catapulted me into a much deeper exploration of truth and life. I wrote a best-selling book called Edge of Grace: A Fierce Awakening to Love that gives voice to my journey. I offer a regular online meditation to the ever-expanding Awakening Prajna community.

Ten years ago in Peru I heard a prophecy; "When the glaciers begin to melt, then it is time to share our medicine."​ We have come to a place in our history where the message is clear: wake up or die. I teach internationally and lead retreats in many countries. The work I offer is healing trauma in all of its dimensions and helping others to align with their dharma to become a force of love, compassion and connection.

I'm thrilled to be an ambassador for the timely evolution of the BrightSky vision. BrightSky is a clear direction to open pathways of kindness, collaboration, leadership, support and resources that aim to reach far beyond personal gain. A platform for humanity to stand shoulder-to-shoulder connected to the wisdom of our ancestors, and engaging in leadership practices that can transform humanity and sustain our planet.

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