Coach, author and teacher. Founder of Evolution Coaching Academy

Lilith Flanagan

Lilith directs Evolution Coaching Academy in Devon, offering advanced accredited coaching training, mentoring and supervision. She is an International Coaching Federation accredited coach, assessor, and has facilitated coaching communities at a local and country level, trained at Schumacher College, and was awarded MSc Holistic Science, MA Economics and MBA.

Lilith supports her clients in living their true intention. Her co-active intuitive coaching style, grounded in 2500+ hours of experience of one-to-one and team coaching with individuals, businesses, organizations and communities, invites people to unfold who they naturally are and participate actively with the whole of themselves.  

Before her coaching journey Lilith led projects, teams and multilevel organizational structures in multinational corporations in various countries. She lives by the River Dart in Devon with her family.

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