Person-centred Psychotherapist, Breathworker and Energy Healer

Suzie Poyser

My passion is to help people to find more peace within themselves, so that they may have more fulfilling and joyful lives and relationships. 

During my own journey I found Conscious Connected Breathwork. Through this practice I was able to heal early trauma and process old wounds, reaching a place of unconditional self-love. I knew immediately that I had to train as an Alchemy of Breath facilitator, so that I could share this powerful modality. I now combine my experience as a Person-Centred Psychotherapist, Breathworker and Energy Healer. With over 12 years experience in supporting people with their emotional healing and growth, I create a safe, therapeutic space to enable deep exploration and transformation. 

I’m delighted to join this collaborative community of heart centred, professional practitioners with a shared vision to bring our gifts, teachings and healing to the world!

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