Transpersonal Coaching and Somatic Healing

Nico Heinimann

I learned about Brightsky and it's vision through two very special spiritual practitioners. The vision and mission struck a chord, and I joined as a founding partner.

I believe we live in unprecedented times. Old ways of working and sharing are falling a way, yet birthing the new is a collective effort.  None of us can do it on our own.

I have met reflections of mine in the world and of the world within myself which speak to me of a time of great healing: Healing as a need, and no longer a choice. Healing as a collective, planetary effort. I am committed to retrieving the lost pieces out of the shadows, all the baggage no longer needed, to truly reclaim the gifts and find ways to share them on this planet: To recreate a world that is truly liveable for the generations to come.

I see the Brightsky mission as a powerful community initiative, the forging of a reliable web of relating and interdependency where we can support each other in exactly that way, and radiate and ripple deep into mainstream consciousness.

In the current crisis, my life is also in a big transition. As a healing practitioner, truly stepping into my role, daring to embrace the true work of my heart and stepping out into the world with my truth and the unveiled, messy, painful and glorious multifacetedness of what makes me the person I am, meeting the Other, and meeting the world from that place, is daunting.

But I know I no longer want to hide behind a role, or squander the preciousness of my time on anything that is not sustenance for my soul and the Soul of this world we are all making together.

I believe this is a time for bravery, for connecting heart to heart, standing shoulder by shoulder, in solidarity, and bringing everything to the table.

Together, we can step into a new paradigm: Of co-empowerment, support, deep healing, and celebration of the simple joy of being. Alive. Today.

Aho, Blessed Be.

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