Project Coordinator, Fellowship of the Trees

Marguerite Leathley

BrightSky excites me because it is a community of heart-centred practitioners aligned with living and working in a way that improves the lives of others, and in respect for our beautiful Mother Earth. My passion and purpose in this world is to be a light in the dark for those who are suffering; to listen and to hold space for people to heal, and to be part of a generation who campaign and act to restore our planet. My role in BrightSky is Project Co-ordinator for 'The Fellowship of the Trees' - one of BrightSky's community initiatives. I’m so excited about this project as it involves sacred environmental activism. We are planting trees but also inviting people to call in the future that the trees they plant will exist to be present for.   

I feel that we are the ones we have been waiting for, and BrightSky is an example of this. BrightSky means to me that we are not alone in our hopes for a better world - we stand together and we are the solution!

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