Events Curator and Movement Medicine Practitioner

Keef Wesolowski Miles

I am excited about the possibility to collectively inspire a shift in consciousness on the planet and place people and planet before profit. Community and the potential to collectively create new business models that honour all beings on this planet. Abundance and Health for all.

On a personal note, I am also super excited and passionate about the global possibilities of BrightSky to create a radiant web of blessings and opportunities to communities around the world and particularly to facilitate ways that we can collectively find innovative and intelligent ways to honour our beautiful Mother Earth and the whole magnificent diversity of beings that reside on this extraordinary Blue Planet that hurtles though the multiverse that we find ourselves singing, dancing, crying, laughing, birthing, breathing and being in. May our dreaming be full of colourful visions and may we find ways to manifest these dreams as love in action.

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