Community Builder

Thea May

BrightSky dropped into my life through a friend and BrightSky member. At first I was wary as I have been in and around many similar community initiatives. Each one claiming to be the answer to our loneliness, disconnect with nature and creative blocks. 

This collective holds a refreshing self-reflecting edge and visionary long-sightedness that I find rare amongst feeling-led organisations. So it is their rigour in tandem with their intuition that calls me into the Team.

I come most alive when the communication in our conversations right through to policy and marketing language is as truthful as it is purposeful. In my lifetime I want to see our professional communication interweave with our personal communication in a way that creates intimate societies, healthy economies, and a thriving planet. 

My work delves into the heart of how we communicate with integrity and self-knowing in any area of our lives. This is what I bring to BrightSky, and also what I sense within the community here. 

My role within Brightsky is emerging, so I hold it lightly until I find my natural place amongst it all, where I can thrive and support simultaneously. 

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