Founders of Casa Curacion Healing Centre, Spain

Liz and Wayne

Liz worked as a social worker with children who have experienced trauma and abuse for nearly 30 years before changing focus towards holistic practices. She is a qualified yoga instructor, Chi Nei practitioner and Life Coach. Wayne stepped away from corporate construction in London to focus on building projects with heart.

Participation with the Mankind Project and Woman Within and explorations of indigenous healing traditions further deepened the couple’s commitment to personal and community healing. They are now focused on renovating an old Spanish property near Alicante in Spain, and are holding a vision of hosting women’s and men’s groups and healing and wellbeing retreats at Casa Curacion.

“On our path we have noticed more and more people 'awakening' and being attracted to what we do, but not having easy access to the resources they need to investigate further. BrightSky is so needed so individuals seeking healing and personal development can find what they need. We are very excited to be part of this.”

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