Facilitator of detox retreats and shamanic circles

Dao Earl

My longing for like minds with a shared environmental ethos means that I have spent much of my life unwittingly building community, and earning my living in the healing arts. I helped to start a physical community in Spain, and have been back in UK for 15 years as a parent. I find myself close to the centre of several networks that promote well-being.

The detox retreats I have run for 20 years introduce nutrition and fasting which allows deep process to affect profound change. And I facilitate shamanic circles that open the voice and heart, so as to make us more powerful, self-assured and loving advocates for change in this world.

Our culture’s lack of lineage means we can only look to other facilitators, leaders and practitioners to give us a reality check on the paths we are each forging into the depths of the human condition. I fully support BrightSky to help us assist each other in this, near and far. I am fully behind this project, and delighted to have been invited to be an ambassador for such a grand undertaking.

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