Arianne Bloodwood

My accounting service specialises in healers and creatives, and most of my clients are one-person businesses - so I’m super-aware of the problem of isolation. It’s SO fabulous that Brightsky is creating an online community space for practitioners of all sorts to be able to meet, get support, learn, network, and generally enrich their lives.

I anchor the finance function in Brightsky, making sure all the money is tracked clearly, and working with the core crew to ensure we comply with tax and finance rules.

I call myself a community accountant: I serve my communities and I’m big on empowering our communities and ourselves as individuals around money, finance, tax and all that. And I give 10% of my time in Pro Bono service to community organisations - Brightsky is one of my Pro Bono clients.

I’m non-binary, ecosexual, and deep connection with forest has been central all my life. I live and work in an intimate community in London. I’m passionate about all of us learning to use our powers for everyone’s benefit.

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