Content Writer

Katherine Ewen

I ran away from Northern Ireland to join the hippies at 23, spending five years travelling in India and Australia and learning everything from crystal healing to Kinesiology. Eventually, I followed a tipi maker to Glastonbury, England where I found a job and community at Sunrise Festival. I spent six years with the festival doing everything from managing press, sponsorship and marketing to running the Ethical Fashion Show and the eco-vehicle Wacky Races.

After leaving Sunrise I started writing fiction alongside my work in marketing and I am now on my second novel. It’s such a pleasure to be involved and writing about BrightSky, its members and the wider community. There is so much content, so many amazing stories to tell and inspiring events happening. Being part of this community has reminded me of something I feel I had almost forgotten- with enough people coming together and sharing a vision, change is not only possible, it is inevitable. So thank you BrightSky for bringing me on board and I look forward to helping you flourish by recording your stories.

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