Energy Healer, Custodian/Practitioner of indigenous tradition

Marianne Violet

I am an Energy Healer (Hands of Light), Teacher and Custodian and Practitioner of indigenous tradition. I am passionate about creating ‘fully awakened human consciousness’ and love sharing this work for the empowerment and transformation of others.

My own journey took me via the challengingly beautiful paths of NHS career, marriage and motherhood and I acquired some amazing life skills, qualifications, insights and energy practices along the way, all of which continue to inform my life and my practice.

It’s inspiring to be alive at this time of so much potential for the human spirit and BrightSky is a wonderful platform for supporting each other to live our Soul’s purpose.

I am honoured to be an Ambassador for BrightSky and I am dedicated to cultivating the values in which the vision can flourish.

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