Earth Star CIC

Dan and Rougan Collins

In 2018 we decided to turn our company ‘Earth Star’ into a charitable cause focusing on providing for the homeless whilst planting abundant much-needed trees in Sherwood Forest. Having both experienced homelessness as teenagers, we are each familiar with the harsh challenges of such a life, while simultaneously being aware of the ecological challenges faced by our planet.

We are grateful that being part of BrightSky means that we will benefit from the support, advocacy and guidance of other members. BrightSky is aligned with our own values, and our desire to provide healing to vulnerable people and our homelands. Our dream for BrightSky is that it continues to bring a wave of positivity into people’s lives. We see that BrightSky as a platform will improve the well-being and livelihoods of its members, so that they can facilitate this for those in need.

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