Presenter, host and community builder

Clara Apollo

Following a 5 year ‘home free’ period I was looking for a forward thinking community and it was pal DJ Pixi-Peter Michel who mentioned BrightSky and put me in touch with George Scott, who’s conversations are so very on point, he blew my mind with his natural eloquence and inspiration so I invited him to my interview show, Chi Time Radio. 

One conversation led to another, and in no time our fire starter Bart was in the Chi Time hot seat and on video too! 

I love to encourage people to speak their heart wisdom and have interviewed some of our inspiring BrightSky Ambassadors and more recently MC’d for live events teaming up with supreme community co-ordinator Jo Burrows.

Yes we all need currency to thrive and in Brightsky there is space for running ideas around the exchange of energy in many forms plus the resources are top notch.

From these true and fun connections, I am honoured to be part of growing this innovative community and to receive guidance and support when I need it too. I love being part of a team of natural creators where the cross-pollination of ideas and range of skill-sets and depth of caring is so strong. This is a new earth ‘Aquarian Age’ community, our collaborations are creating something greater than we could have imagined individually.

I live in Langport, Somerset now and am looking at ways to grow an actual community, a village. I sense this will come through Brightsky, there are so many calling this through now.

If you like music, dance, singing, movement, stillness, kindness, connection, magical conversations, innovation and application - adventures outdoors, explorations indoors, with fires, seas and rivers, wind and thunderstorms, sunrises and sunsets, honouring, and riding on, the magic of collaborative evolution, you are in the right place and … you are not alone.

Together we rise and together we hold us wherever we land, to Be the Love that is One.

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