Musician, massage therapist, healer and shamanic practitioner

Tristan Starling

It's my passion to inspire people and to empower them in their own journey of healing and creativity as I continue in my own path. Always guided by great spirit, in reverence, honour and infinite gratitude for the gifts that our universe gives us in every moment. I offer one-to-one sessions and group events from my practice Snailspace Therapies of Bristol.

I'm so proud to be an ambassador for Bright Sky, because I know how rare it is for true integrity, spiritual connectivity, and a goal of community and social evolution to be so solidly forged into a grounded model for business. I have always felt strongly in favour of challenges to old and outdated paradigms and I see, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Bright Sky has such unlimited potential for positive change, challenging the systems in place and demonstrating how we can do better.

For me, Bright sky is such an incredible opportunity for self development, for sharing my gifts, supporting and being supported by my community and inspiring transformation. Much love.

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