Feng Shui/Space Clearing. Shamanic Practitioner. Healer. Teacher

Sue Holmes

Now that I am in my fifties, first and foremost I am a teacher. I am recognised as a 'master healer and teacher' through the strength of my experience, expertise and integrity; as an alchemy of mystic, seer, shapeshifter and clown; combined with a grounded, warm-hearted and generous nature and personal dedication to authenticity and spiritual awakening. My passion is facilitating transformation for others, and training people in these skills. With 25 years experience, I offer healing sessions broadly focusing on letting go of the past, retrieving authentic essence and navigating forwards. I am a Feng Shui, space clearing and geomancy consultant, working with clients to create harmonious, supportive homes and business environments.

I hold three certified trainings: Space Clearing and Geomancy Consultant; Shamanic Practitioner and Energy Healer; and Angelic Reiki. My courses include sound healing, dance, laughter, songs and a sense of tribe.

My deepest prayer is that we wake up and get on with transforming our heart-breaking, beautiful world. I love the BrightSky ethos of working together. I am drawn to this group, by the trust and integrity I sense here. I am honoured to be an ambassador for this community, and excited about the potential for abundant, synergistic co-creations.

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